Most Essential Deals when Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

Years ago wallpaper was king. And now it’s back in fashion. There is a solution to give a new touch to the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and even the bathroom, because many are washable. Wallpaper is an interesting alternative, but you have to choose the most suitable.

The big difference between washable wallpaper singapore and traditional ones is represented by the specific coating (water resistant resin, vinyl), which allows you to clean the surface without damaging it. Which are the most suitable according to the spaces of the house? Let’s see:

Water Resistant Wallpaper

The wallpaper singapore does not have a protective coating, its name is deceiving. It is a very delicate paper. It is not suitable for the bathroom, it is more suitable for rooms whose walls hardly get dirty.

Wash resistant wallpaper

this type of paper is sealed, so it can be cleaned with a cloth, soap and water. It’s suitable for the bathroom, but it’s not the best.

Super wash resistant wallpaper

It has a very dense vinyl lining so you can easily remove grease stains with a simple damp cloth. However, care must be taken not to rub or rub and not to use brushes. It is ideal for wet rooms and kitchens, as well as in busy areas such as corridors, stairways or children’s rooms.

Scratch Resistant Paper

A brush can be used with this paper because the vinyl coating is thick and can be scratched. This paper offers the highest degree of washing capacity, so it is ideal in the kitchen.

Placement Tips

Always taking the bathroom as an example, there is no need to fill the entire space. Just apply it in the most visible areas and on more even and smooth walls, such as the front or sides of the sink. Logically, it is never in the shower area.